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Camera Facilities, one the UK’s foremost digital camera rental companies is based on the lot at Pinewood Studios providing 35mm Digital Cameras, Lenses, Grip and Lighting Equipment.


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About Us

Camera Facilities, one the UK’s foremost digital camera rental companies, based at Pinewood Studios in West London provides the latest 35mm digital cameras, lenses, grip, lighting equipment and technical expertise to film, commercials and television production companies.

As technology changes at an increasing pace we make it our aim to simplify the confusion this sometimes creates.

With the knowledge and experience of 20 years filming on location we provide filming equipment, camera vehicles and recommended technicians to complement your production.

From inception, owner Peter Welch wanted Camera Facilities to pride itself on a reputation for offering clients an honest, flexible and uncompromised service throughout the filming process.

We maintain our passion and ambition to always offer the very best service, which our clients have come to expect.

These include:

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